SilkRoad Online 1.240

Massive multiplayer online virtual world of thieving and trading

  • Category:

    Role Playing

  • Version:

    Online 1.240

  • Works under:

    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

  • Program available in:In English
  • Program license:Free
  • Vote:
    7.5 (878)

SilkRoad presents serious MMORPG action with a riveting renaissance backdrop. Thieving antics take center stage in this interactive quest for advanced equipment and contraband. Ultimately, this title serves as an amazing introduction to the worlds of medieval warfare and online gaming alike. Expert gamers may not find anything new in this release, but amateurs will be immersed in a beautifully accessible universe of archaic anarchy.

This game features three playable classes, which are Thief, Merchant and Hunter. Gallant knights of olde clash with barbaric mercenaries and rugged thugs. Players can choose from these diverse in-game lifestyles, which means that there are a variety of strategies to employ for victory. Thieves can profit from the hard work of others, but they must rely on sneaky tactics to compensate for their physical weakness. Meanwhile, merchants survive on wealth and wisdom, but they are an obvious target for miscreants. Hunters are the strongest type, but they are slowed down by weaponry and strength.

The expansive setting encapsulates the Chinese Silk Road era with all of its wonder and strife. The enchanting terrains cover ground from ancient cityscapes to scenic wilderness. Missions take place in a fully operational online community. High-level quests pay major bounties, but a lot of experience is required to access the best quests. This means a lot of time will be spent leveling up.

An intellectually intuitive chat layout makes forming guilds fun and easy. The ability to create personalized characters is a huge plus, but it is hard to make a replica of oneself using the limited range of custom features. Overall, everyone can be uniquely recognizable, and that is what truly matters in a game like this.

This title has one gigantic advantage against its mainstream competitors, and this secret edge lies in the fact that SilkRoad is completely free. Unfortunately, the download may take awhile. Despite the wait, it is worth every bit of patience.

Now for the down side. Since it is free, it has recently created issues with jammed servers. Perhaps this RPG was not ready for its popularity, especially if clogged traffic continues to result in down time during peak hours. Buffering can be obnoxiously incessant, and it is too easy to get booted from a mission at a pivotal point of combat.

A lot of central missions have also expired since the game was released, which leaves new players without a direct way to climb the experience ladder. The only way to reach advanced arenas of conquest is through an old-fashioned hack and slash. Grinding is the only avenue to wealth and notoriety, so players should be prepared to invest hours in the menial labor of killing millions of monsters.


  • Easy introduction to MMORPG style games
  • Rich 3D quests overlapping with other players
  • Multiple occupations to pick from
  • Free to play


  • Download takes a long time
  • Servers too weak to handle heavy traffic
  • Overly simple design for leveling up

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